Saeedeh Ghods

Saeedeh Ghods

Founder and member of the board of directors, “Mahak Charity Institute”

Field: Healthcare

Born: 1951, Tehran

With the aim of supporting and helping sick children and through utilizing expert and volunteer manpower, Mahak has brought more than 22,000 children with cancer under its protection.
The illness of Kiana, her 2-year-old daughter changed the course of Saeedeh Ghods’s life. Her daughter’s pains opened her eye toward children who were fighting cancer in hospitals inside and outside of Iran. When, thanks to precise and timely diagnosis of the physicians, Kiana regained her health, she started to think about finding a way to prevent children’s deaths due to inaccessibility of treatment facilities as well as accompaniment with families. Joined by a group of benefactors, she established the largest specialized center and hospital for the treatment of children’s cancer in the Middle-East whose piggy banks we have all seen with the label “Mahak”. Mahak’s activities include carrying out charitable work in the fields of medicine, research, prevention, treatment, services, hygiene, hospital and welfare for sick children.